Beijing Xingbang Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in May 1999; as an entity with the credentials of a legal person, it has got the property enterprise level one qualification certificate issued by ministry of housing and urban-rural. The company has been a member of China Association of Property Management and Beijing Property Management Association; also, it is a governing unit of the former. The company employs more than 500 people at present, with all kinds of professional and technical personnel 120 people, where 30 people have high or intermediate professional and technical positions. The company has corresponding management abilities for high-end residence, high-end apartments, office building as well as ordinary residence community. It runs its business in strict accordance with international quality standards of ISO9001and ISO14001.

Recently, the company is mainly operating its business on commissioned management services of green ecological communities, green ecological parks, high-end residential buildings, office buildings, clubs, shopping malls, and ordinary residential buildings as well as other Public equipment and facilities. Property management services that it is now undertaking are mainly including: NO.9 commercial residence housings of Panjiayuan in Chaoyang District, Longtanhu residence community club, Haojingge underlying shops, the No.1 and No.2 district of Huacheng years Wanfangyuan of Fengtai District, the NO. 8 courtyard of north Shoujingmao road, NO.15 courtyard of Fanyang road, NO.88 courtyard of Fangfei road, NO.1 office building of Yufangyuan dong road as well as Hebei Tangshan Caofeidian international eco-city. Now one residence community managed by the company has won the reward of capital beautified advanced community, one residence community has rewarded the residential areas of spiritual civilization of the city and the district. Two residence communities were rated as the capital beautified garden-style units; two residence communities were rated as the outstanding property management residence community of Beijing. NO. 88 courtyard of Fangfei road and the NO.2 district of Wanfangyuan have rated as the Beijing property management demonstration (four stars) project. The company has rewarded the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification Certificate and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate.

The company has established and implemented a standardized quality assurance system; it effectively controls all influencing factors of management and service; facing the owners and servicing the owners, it continuously improves service quality and makes the property management and services more normalized, standardized and specialized. To better adapt to the market, the company has established a “3-Zations and 1 Brand” development strategy (management standardization, service standardization, team specialization; build a “Meticulous” brand); launched the corporate values of respect, responsibility, innovation; also, the company has always been adhering to the service philosophy of “Provide the Owners and Tenants Satisfactory Service Differentiation”. Fulfill the promise to proprietors in strict accordance with the quality policy and quality requirements.

Since the establishment of the company, its leading group makes “To Create a Better Life for the Owners” as its vision and mission. Internally, it strengthens the training and raises the staff quality; externally, it improves the services and builds a “Meticulous” brand. As the enterprise is expanding gradually, the service level is continuously optimized and economic benefit is gradually improved, the property management services provided by us have been fully recognized by the owners. After 10 years of hard working, now we are already a property service enterprise with a property managing area of more than 1.5 million km2 and more than 500 employees. Our entire workforce will try our best to fulfill our vision and mission; we will build and share harmonious housing estates together with the owners. To keep pace with the times, seize the opportunities and strive hard for the goals and, we believe that our company must have a brighter future tomorrow.

Since the establishment of Beijing Xingbang Property Company, its managing area has became from 90,000 m2 to 1.2 million m2; its profit has became plus to minus; its employees has became from 20 to more than 500; we have made the management system from partial to perfect; we have made our service standard from substandard to up to standard and we perform the secondary standard of Beijing; we have implemented the ISO standard systems; we improve our quality internally and build our imagine externally; as for the fulfillment of contract, we have fully fulfilled the contract as per the requirements of the contract; the customer satisfaction has always been improving and the steady development of the enterprise and comprehensive management has been recognized by the board of directors and the shareholders' committee; the rate of employee on-boarding with certificates, professional certificate and degree has meet the requirement of enterprise qualification; we have grown from a ordinary property management company to an executive director unit of Beijing property management association and director unit of CPMI. It can be said that, the development of Xingbang is step by step and down-to-earth. All of our workforce will continue to exert ourselves to strive hard for a better future of our company!