Vanion Investment group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Vanion group”) was established in the year of 1997. With promoting China’s urbanization process as well as the sustainable development of the city as our responsibility, making low-carbon eco-city construction and investment as our means, we are a large investment group based on real estate investment and development. We have always been committed to be the world first-class eco-city construction investment group. We mainly invest in regional development services, land consolidation, real estate development and management, cultural tourism, green infrastructure as well as financial investment and other fields.

As the first regional developer to be specialized in low-carbon eco-city construction, we are different from the traditional developers. With “The Coordinated Development of The Industry under the Guidance of the Concept of Sustainable Development” as our core idea, we are focusing on the harmonious development of “Production, Ecology and Life”. We pursue a regional developmental pattern with the direction of the whole development of he regional economy, follow the rules of sustainable urban development, and pursue an economic-social-environmental-resources balanced urbanization development model.

With the construction and investment of the low-carbon eco-city as our main approach, with regional sustainable construction as our development goal, the “Knowledge Management, Integration of Resources, Create Value and Share Gains” as our operation philosophy, Vanion group integrates the resources world widely and provides strong support for the regional sustainable development.

Vanion group pays an closely attention to the global sustainable development as well as China’s urbanization process and follows closely the urbanizing regions, especially the regions with urban sustainable development indicators; also, by virtue of the concept of sustainable development, technologies of eco-city construction, strong ability of resource integration, Vanion group provides services on industry planning, regional planning, green technology application, investment promotion as well as financial investment for the region. Moreover, Vanion group will participate in different development stages timely and by virtue of promoting the construction of eco-city. Vanion group will build a sustainable region of resource saving, environmentally friendly, economic prosperity and social harmony to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

Now, by virtue of the concept of sustainable development as well as the eco-city technology, our group is carrying out an exploration and practice for the sustainable regional development as well as the sustainable urbanization in China. Beijing Changxindian eco-city and Caofeidian eco-city as well as Ningbo eco-port and Zhoushan eco-port invested by Vanion group are just the specific embodiment of this exploration and practice.

Since its foundation in 1997, under the joint effort of the staff of the group as well as the support from friends of all kinds of life, Vanion group fights its way and gets where it is today. Here, on behalf of group leaders at all levels, I would like to express my heartful gratitude to every employee working hard for the group as well as to friends of all kinds of life.

The success of Vanion group draws a group of far-sighted personage who is dedicated, diligent and professional. They are the people who work hard for the growth and great achievement of Vanion group! Now, Vanion group is a diversified investment holding group that integrates comprehensive service of urban regional development, real estate investment and development, cultural tourism investment and development, green infrastructure investment operations, financial investment and commercial real estate business. Also, Vanion group has bred a series of excellent backbone enterprises, such as Vanion group construction investment, Vanion cultural tourism investment, Huacheng years, Wannian Changxing, Vanion group real estate agency, Caofeidian development company, Years harbour flower and Xingbang property management company; among which, real estate agency has been rewarded the National level 1 development qualification certificate and China’s top 100 real estate enterprises; the eco-city program has been rewarded the Three-star green building logo design and International leadership award for urban and regional planning by Building Department. Facing the achieved outstanding achievements, we all have a deep sense of identity and pride. Ultimately, the honors belong to Vanion’s employees who fighting for their ambitions!

An outstanding enterprise must be based on an outstanding enterprise culture, and it is just by the tireless growth of these years that Vanion group can establish its perfect and profound corporate culture system. We make “To Create a Happy Life” as our mission, we create increasing profit for the shareholders, we create happy and pleasant houses for the customers, we provide ideal investment opportunities for our partners, we explore and promote the sustainable development for the social and region, and most importantly, we provide the employees a platform for the self-actualization of them.

We make “Respect, Vision, Efficiency, and Innovation” as our core value and this value can guide our business and our work. This team works hard, takes risks to innovate, forges ahead in unity and never gives up, which is the most precious wealth of Vanion group.

The “Green Creative Strategies” of Vanion group deepens and sublimates our missions, we will integrate the international resources and technologies from the global perspective, we will promote the China urbanization process with our localization efforts. Our entire workforce is working hard for the realization of the grand vision that making Vanion Group a “World First-Class Ecological City Construction Investment Group”. Our past hardship was together with the magnificence; our tomorrow will be as brilliant as the sun and the moon.

  • 2012

With a core value of “Respect, Vision, Efficiency, Innovation” Vanion group forges ahead and creates value and it has established an extensive and close mutually beneficial cooperation relations with strategic investors and financial institutions.Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, Vanion group works together with world’s leading low-carbon eco-city planning and design team, such as Arup, to actively advocate the domestic enterprises to invest in low-carbon eco-construction cooperatively. It has established a mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with many enterprises within the industry. Developing international cooperation in areas of clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, it has established a close, harmonious investment cooperation relationship with Sweden Termoek company as well as other world-class clean energy companies. Also, it has established a close business links and information communication mechanism with the embassies of the clean energy technology and equipments leading countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

Also, Vanion group has very successful cooperation with banks, trusts and securities firms as well as other financial institutions. It has been rewarded the “Top 20 Real Estate Credit Enterprises of Beijing” by the five big banks of China (BOC, ABOC, ICBC and CCB). Among which, China Jianyin Investment, China Credit Trust Co., Ltd., CITIC Trust, CITIC asset Management, Everbright Ashmore as well as other domestic famous financial institutions serve as our financial consultants or capital services.

In addition to the domestic business, Vanion group has harmonious and close cooperation relationship with foreign investors in FDI, overseas financing and PE business, such as Abu Dhabi Investment House, British SDCL Company and Hong Kong Capital Asset Services Company.